Dancing Your Dreams is a space to connect with creativity and explore the messages brought to us by our dreams in order to develop a deep relationship with unconscious aspects of ourselves that can serve us if we integrate them into our awareness.

The base of my practice is Projective Dream Work because it allows me to put everything I know and I have experienced to the service of Dreamers that wish to find deeper understanding of their nature. However it is not the only technique that I use.

It is helpful to do dream work with someone else because it is hard for us to recognize our own patterns. Sometimes just listening to another person narrate your dream brings you a lot of insight.

I offer individual dream work sessions, if you want to Schedule an appointment click here.

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Thank you Jessica for your dream interpretation, it was very intense and I feel that you helped me understand a part of me that maybe is locked but little by little, I hope we can continue working together !




She asked questions about elements that helped me to remember several important details that were not so relevant to me at first, that made me feel “guided” while telling my dream. The interpretation was concise, without mysticisms or strange things, always very objective. Thank you, Jessica!



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