About Me

Jess Miramontes Facilitadora de Grupos de Interpretación de Sueños

Hi! I am Jess Miramontes and my passion is to help people understand the messages offered by their dreams so they can get insight and develop a deeper connection with their souls. I am also convinced that all of us  need a space to be creative and to be able to express ourselves in different forms can offer profound transformation.

I teach how connect with deepest truths through language, body language and dance using archetypes and dreams, which function as personal symbols, to be more present and free in our daily lives.

I have been interpreting dreams for 17 years under the ethical statutes established by the International Association for the Study of Dreams(IASD).I am active member of the International Dance Council, CID.

When I’m not interpreting dreams or facilitating Dream work, I enjoy spending time with playing with my daughter, writing, dancing and watch series on Netflix.

If my message resonates with you can sign for one of the free dream interpretation by email or write to jess@dancingyourdreams.com.

I wish you all interesting dreams!

Dreams can help you to make of your shadow your ally!
Photo by Ana Kin Estrada