Types of Dreams and How To Identify Them

I believe that a common question that I have is how to identify if we had a visitation dream, a cognitive dream or if I am in the Astral plane. I asked my dreams for an answer that I could share and here are the results.

Most of dreams have the same structure:

“I am somewhere and something happens”

And I remember them in a linear way. Like any other story they have a beginning, a middle part and an ending. This is relevant because depending on what happens on each part I can identify what kind of dream it is.

But first I need to establish three main categories of dreams:

  1. Baic Dreams
  2. Lucid Dreams
  3. Psychic Dreams

Basic Dreams

Most dreams  belong to this category. They happen spontaneously to everyone. Working with them and their symbols helps me identify patterns manifesting in my waking life and taking action guided by these dreams can result in the activation of patterns that are relevant and helpful for my evolutions along with the clearance of patterns that are no longer useful in my path.

In terms of structure, I experience the dream in its totality and it is only when I wake up and remember it that I bring it into my awareness.

Lucid Dreams

These are the dreams where I am aware that I am dreaming. I bring together the conscious with the unconscious, once I know that I am dreaming I can choose to take over the control of the dream or to observe with more detail what is happening.

Everyone has at least one lucid dream in their lifetime but to have lucid dreams in a consistent manner requires practice and dedication.

Their relation to the narrative structure is that awareness happens in the middle of the dream.

Psychic Dreams

I consider visitation, precognitive interaction with other planes/entities dreams as psychic. They happen spontaneously but can also be incubated. I believe that getting information from dreams is a practice available to everyone but the difficulty lies in extracting that information. Analysing my own dreams I realized that those that I consider psychic share something in common: awareness comes at the end of the dream. And it is relevant because that awareness is not to the fact that I am dreaming but as a reaction to something in the dream.

For example: I am in a room with my family and I am talking to my grandmother but no one else and I realize that she is dead.


I wake up in my bed and a woman is sitting on a chair in front of me and she says “Hi!” and I feel a different energy from her.

So if I had some kind of an “Aha!” at the end of the dream for me it is a hint that it is of the psychic kind.



There are other types of dreams but I thought these 3 are a good start. What kind of dreams do you have? What kind of dreams will you like to know more about?