Dream Recall: 6 Tips to Remember Your Dreams

diario de sueños


Every night we go to sleep and have dreams but most of the time we don’t remember them. However there are different things that we can do to improve our dream recall.

1) Keep a Dream Journal

Buy a nice notebook that you would use only to record your dreams, place it on your night stand so you have it at hand when you wake up.

You can also download an app so you can do voice recording, it is easier than writing half asleep and in the middle of the dark.

Maybe try them both and see what works best for you.

2) Set the intention to remember your dreams before going to sleep

Write in your journal something like “I will remember my dreams”, or make the statement out loud or just in your head before going to sleep.

3) Upon waking up, change the position of your body

If you don’t have any recall of your dreams, stay in your bed and lie down for a while in the most frequent positions you sleep in, the connection with the body can trigger a memory of the dream.

4) Think about people in your waking life

It is highly probable that you dreamed about someone you interact with in your waking life so the memory of a person can also trigger a memory of the dream.

5) Register what you remember in your journal

If you still don’t remember an image, you can record any feeling you had upon waking up or the first thing that you thought about.

6) Be persistent

If you engage with your dreams and let your subconscious now that you are willing to have a conscious relationship with it they will respond back.

Do you have any other tips to improve dream recall? Share them in the comments!